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Dr. Link is excited to announce that she has joined Parsley Health - a superior, truly holistic medical practice in New York City.  Please visit her there!

Dr. Link is board certified in internal medicine and now specializes in holistic healthcare.  Her journey from conventional internist to integrative healthcare practitioner began with her own health challenge....       Read More

What makes Dr. Link different?

  • Dr. Link combines diet, supplements, exercise, stress-reduction, along with other lifestyle factors, to help you feel better.

  • She listens to you.  

  • Gives truly individualized care.

  • Recognizes that nutrition and lifestyle are powerful healers.

...I have the deepest respect and appreciation for [Dr. Link] and I am  very thankful for her giving me my life back.  I highly value her knowledge and compassion and would recommend her to anyone without any hesitation..."

- M. J. Gross, New York

"Dr. Lilli Link has been invaluable in addressing my son's health issues when the more traditional medical model was unsuccessful in restoring his health...."

- E.N.

"[Dr. Link's] advice is built on scientific evidence, and she thinks “outside the box” when necessary. Without her encouragement and support, I doubt I would be closing in on my goal weight..."

- Maureen W.

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Dr. Lilli Link

✓ Chronic disease

✓ Weight loss

✓ Raising healthy children

✓ Disease prevention

Lilli B. Link, MD, MS

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