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Insurance reimbursement

Although we do not accept insurance, you will get an invoice after your appointment that you can submit to your health insurer if you get out-of-network coverage. 

Cancellation policy

*Please note, for every visit, there is a strict 24-hour cancellation policy.  If you do not cancel your appointment at least 24 hours prior to your appointment, you will be charged the full cost of the appointment and will receive a 50% credit toward your next appointment.   We do this because we do not overbook.  Your appointment time is for you only.

In addition, we make every effort to begin and end your appointment at your scheduled time, so please arrive promptly.

  Long-term follow up options (after the first 3 visits):

  Email support is included with each of these options.

  • 6-month plan.  For patients who need support to change long-term habits, Dr. Link offers a 6-month plan which includes 13 sessions, up to 15 minutes each, by phone or in-person.

     Fee: $650*     

  • 60-minute follow-up appointment.  

     Fee: $200*    

  • 30-minute follow-up appointment.

     Fee: $125*     


     To best serve your needs, we offer a 3 session package that includes:

  • First visit: 90 minutes.  Dr. Link uses this session to perform a thorough intake evaluation so she can fully understand your health challenges, plan further testing, if needed, and recommend initial dietary changes.
  • Second visit: 60 minutes.  During this visit, Dr. Link reviews test results and more detailed dietary changes are recommended.
  • Third visit: 60 minutes.  Dr. Link focuses on exercise and stress-reduction, in addition to fine-tuning of your diet during this visit.
  • Support.  To make sure that you get the most out of your efforts to improve your health, Dr. Link offers email support throughout the time you are seeing her and for 1 month following your most recent appointment.  She usually responds to emails within 24 hours.  That means you don't have to wait for your next appointment to ask quick questions or get clarifications.  For patients looking to lose weight, you will get frequent feedback on dietary intake. 

     Fee for 3-session package:  $725*       

  Patients may choose to pay for appointments individually.  These sessions also include email

  support for 1 month following the most recent session.

  • First visit: 90 minutes.       Fee: $375*
  • Second visit: 60 minutes.  Fee: $225*
  • Third visit: 60 minutes.      Fee: $225*

Fee Schedule

Disease prevention

Are you worried you are not getting enough protein?  Do you wonder which fats are 'healthy' fats?  Do you need help sorting out what it means to eat a healthy diet?  Are you thinking of starting a raw vegan diet or paleo-style diet?  Dr. Link can help you choose the best diet for your needs so you feel better and decrease your chances of getting developing a chronic disease.  It's much easier to prevent disease than reverse it.  So if you are healthy, now is the time to start taking optimal care of yourself! 

Raising healthy children

With three children of her own, Dr. Link knows the every-day obstacles parents face trying to raise healthy children in today's world, from playdates, to birthday parties, to school functions.  Your child's diet does not have to be filled with sugar, artificial ingredients and chicken nuggets.  Instilling healthy habits is easiest when your child is young, but it is never too late to make changes.  Dr. Link works with parents and children, together, to help them eat healthfully and feel well.

Weight loss

     Losing weight is hard!  And all the conflicting dietary advice you hear makes it even more difficult.  Are whole grains good or should you follow a Paleo diet?  Are juice cleanses beneficial or just a fad?  Is yogurt in or dairy out?  Dr. Link will help you sort through these and other questions you might have and set you up with a dietary plan that is both healthy and realistic.

     Knowing what to do, however, is only the beginning.  Losing weight also requires dedication on your part and support.  Dr. Link offers that support with options for menu planning, recipes and daily feedback on your food intake.

Chronic diseases

Dr. Link specializes in helping people, including children, with chronic health challenges, such as autoimmune diseases, inflammatory bowel disease, thyroid disorders, cardiovascular disease, asthma, gout, arthritis, hypertension and other problems.  She recognizes that all chronic diseases have an inflammatory component and that the cause is often related to diet and lifestyle.  In order to identify the underlying factors, Dr. Link will ask you to complete forms prior to your appointment, keep a 3-day food diary and send prior test results.  She then will spend 90 minutes with you at your first appointment to fully understand how to help you.