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 Chronic rash

       "One year ago I became very ill and was diagnosed with chronic idiopathic urticaria.  For the ones who don't know what "idiopathic" means it is a term term used for the unknown.  The symptoms I experienced were hives of different shapes, burning with severe itching making me feel that I was on fire; pain and swelling of the joints, weakness, vertigo, swelling of the lips and entire face, severe upper stomach pain.  I saw a countless number of specialists.  I was placed on a high dosage of antihistamines, Zantac and even cortisone.  The relief was only temporary and after awhile the drugs stopped working.  Exasperated and not knowing anymore where to turn, one evening researching on the internet I found Dr. Link's information and made an appointment to see her.
     My first appointment with her couldn't be more promising.  She listened, took notes and understood.  I had lots of hope and trusted her.  She shortly developed a plan and diet for me .  I followed religiously her recommendations and after a few weeks under her supervision I noticed major improvement in my health.  3 months later I became symptoms free and hives free.
     I have the deepest respect and appreciation for her and I am  very thankful for her giving me my life back.  I highly value her knowledge and compassion and would recommend her to anyone without any hesitation. She saved me and she may save others like me.
     Thank you, Dr. Link!!!!"
M.J. Gross, NY, NY

"I first came to Dr. Link 4 1/2 months ago for help with nutrition and weight loss. With her calm, clear support, I took a leap and radically changed my diet. Within 2 weeks, I realized that I was not really on a diet: that the changes I made had become the way that I now am. I have lost 50 pounds so far and feel better than I have ever felt before. But that is not why I am writing. About a month after I started, I realized that I had forgotten to take my asthma medication. I have had asthma all my life, and have been dependent on steroid and albuterol inhalers for the past 15 years. I have not used an inhaler for the past 3 months. My asthma is literally gone. Dr. Link's thoughtful, tailored nutritional plan is not magic or a quick fix, but for me, it feels as if it has been both."
Jenny Ogilvie, MD

"I have had heartburn for years, but recently it had gotten so bad I had to see a gastroenterologist.  He discovered that I had Barrett's esophagus and told me I absolutely had to take medication for it.  But he didn't tell me what to do with my diet.  I was so surprised and frightened by this diagnosis.  I read a bunch of different things, but there was so much differing information I didn't know what to do.  Then I spoke with Dr. Link.  She gave me clear advice about which foods are alkaline and which are acidic.  I felt calmer immediately.  The best part was that although she thought I could likely heal without medication, she didn't make me feel badly for deciding to take it.  Even after following the diet for only a few weeks I feel better than I ever have and my heartburn is completely gone.  For anyone with heartburn or any other chronic health problem, I can't recommend Dr. Link highly enough!"
Andrea L., NJ

Cardiovascular disease
     "I went to Dr. Link at my cardiologists recommendation. I just found out I had heart disease. I had already been a vegetarian for many years so I was a little surprised when I was told I had heart disease but not shocked since heart disease runs in my family. When Dr. Lilli first delineated a diet for me, I was a little taken back especially since she recommended stopping or essentially limiting carbohydrates, i.e. wheat (bread) and pasta, which I loved. Even though I was not happy about this part of it, I decided to give it a try. I found after a short period of time, that with the diet she recommended I really didn’t miss the carbs and I could eat as much as I wanted of the foods she recommended.  Not only did I not gain weight but I actually lost about 20 pounds in approximately 4-6 weeks eating as much as I wanted of the foods on the recommended diet
     My wife who went along with the diet to support me, also lost 20 pounds and has kept it off after remaining on the diet for approximately a year (as of this date). She has told several friends that she can eat as much as she wants, loves the food and doesn’t feel like she’s missing anything.
     In terms of my heart condition, when I started the diet I had just had a stent put in and I still felt pain from time to time in my chest and had arrhythmia. I know I can’t say that this can be attributed simply to Dr. Lilli’s diet but after a year of being on this diet (along with medication prescribed by my doctor) I no longer have any chest pain or arrhythmia. In a recent examination by my cardiologist, he said my numbers were great and everything looks normal. 
     I really enjoy the food I’m eating and also have much more energy than I’ve had for a long time. Dr. Lilli has always been very responsive and available when I’ve had any questions along the way and she seems like she’s up to date on the relationship between diet and health. I highly recommend her services."

D. H., NY, NY

Immune deficiency and multiple infections

"Dr. Lilli Link has been invaluable in addressing my son's health issues when the more traditional medical model was unsuccessful in restoring his health. My twenty year old son was suffering from multiple infections for which he was treated only with antibiotics. It was clear that his immune system was weak, and each short recovery was followed by yet another infection. Dr. Link not only diagnosed what was later confirmed to be an immune deficiency, but her program of a very specific diet and supplements restored his energy and has allowed him to maintain a healthy lifestyle, free from recurring infections and ill health."
Weight loss
"I first came to Dr. Link when I had reached a weight loss plateau. I also wished to find a way of eating that would help me optimize my health and fight disease. In a gentle but persistent way, Dr. Link has challenged many of my assumptions about diet and nutrition. Her advice is built on scientific evidence, and she thinks “outside the box” when necessary. Without her encouragement and support, I doubt I would be closing in on my goal weight – something I have not achieved since I entered puberty.  Beyond that, I feel confident that I am gaining the knowledge and skills that will help me improve my overall health, hopefully for years to come."
Maureen W.

Joint pain
"I first came to Dr. Link because my blood test showed a high blood sugar, and I was afraid I was headed toward type 2 diabetes. Also I sensed that my diet and my mild arthritis were somehow connected. I knew I needed to better understand how my diet and these symptons might be related. Dr. Link turned on the 'light' for me in convincing me how my diet needed to change, and I resisted because I thought I ate pretty well! I was reluctant at first, not liking the idea of giving up dairy!  After finally changing my diet, not only did I lose that extra 10 pounds sitting on my middle(!), I felt incredibly different - stronger and more invigorated-- and I already had a high energy level!!  My dietary changes are still going really well, and  Dr. Link was the catalyst! The almonds, water and elimination of cheese, yogurt and almost all dairy is really working. I feel fantastic!!   Thank you!"
C.B.B., NY, NY

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
"I first came to Dr. Link having suffered repeatedly with severe bronchitis, sinus infections and irritable bowel syndrome.  Over the years, I was given the usual doses of 'mainstream' medications for these ailments.  The steroids and antibiotics I was given only worsened these conditions.  My health was deteriorating and I knew I needed to try a different approach.  Luckily, I was recommended to Dr. Link.  I knew from the start that she was the right choice.  Through thorough testing and dialogue, she determined that my problems were a results of a weakened immune system and "leaky gut syndrome."  No other doctor had ever made this diagnosis.  She tailored a diet to fit my specific needs.  She was consistently available to provide encouragement and supervision.  After one year, I remain free of all symptoms."
A.L., NY, NY